Transform ‘Past Due’ into ‘Paid in Full’

Debt collection and recovery made easy

Debt collection is one of your bank’s most crucial operations, yet it can also be one of the most time-consuming, tedious and frustrating. With all the legwork and time spent tracking down and recovering debts, it may start to seem the money you’re collecting doesn’t even cover the time and resources spent collecting them.

Not anymore. Put your debt collection and recovery management process in the hands of Sumerge Collection Manager (SCM). SCM is a complete solution designed to streamline the processes and daily activities of the collections and recovery function. In addition to dramatically reducing your collections cost and improving productivity, SCM maintains the regulatory compliance and customer relations critical to your success.

Personalize the Collection Process

Match the collection method to the customer

Banks are in a highly competitive environment, and it’s become all too easy for customers to switch banks, leaving their debts behind. SCM lets you to closely manage customers using intelligent customer segmentation, allowing you to design a tailored collection approach for each customer segment.

  • More Gains, Less Loss

    Improve recovery rates, reduce bad debt write-off and improve roll rates using a comprehensive debt approach.

  • Loyal Customers

    Reduce churn and increase loyalty with informed actions that prove you know your customers.

  • Slashed Costs

    Reduce costs by replacing manual tasks with workflow automation, workload balance and intelligent allocation.

  • Higher Returns

    Ensure your efforts yield results by personalizing collection outreach.

Essential Features for Efficient Collections

Easy Accounts Assignment

Assign accounts to specific individuals or teams

Performance Monitoring

Track each collector’s performance with ongoing evaluation.

Business Rules Management

Distribute accounts fairly with automated distribution rules

Reporting & Analytics

Automatically generate reports for daily monitoring of assigned accounts.

Workflow Automation

Automatically track promises and payments.

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