Government Content Management

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Effective government is all about introducing new efficiencies, reducing costs and fostering collaboration between departments, agencies and the public. As government agencies are often seen as bureaucratic and prone to error, it’s crucial that these bodies implement the most effective content management solution available, both to eliminate unnecessary administrative tasks and reduce error.

Sumerge’s Enterprise Content Management solution can help in all areas of government by structuring information across agencies and departments in a way that is a fit for both consumption and manipulation by all who use it.

Solution benefits

Align people, processes & policies

The Content Management solution is ideal for government agencies, as it has the flexibility to work across all departments and help partners, agencies and the public to interact and liaise more effectively with government bodies. As well as maximizing productivity within the government and enabling better collaboration between departments, workers can share and process applications as it

  • Increases transparency
  • Reduces investigation time
  • Introduces new paperless solutions
  • Leverages information for decision-making
  • Reduces Fraud
  • Improve legislative compliance
  • Reduces time & operational costs
  • Automates processes to be more effective

Solution Capabilities

Document Imaging & Capture

Capture, store, manage and distribute content in addition to identifying, categorizing and delivering that information to the relevant for getting the most value from the incoming information.

Content Analytics

A wide range of analytic and reporting tools that can be configured to derive the maximum value from that vast amount of information governments have and offer valuable insights.

Manage Information Life Cycle

Control government records with regards to archiving, retrieval and disposal to avoid Information and data from accumulation leading to.

Advanced Case Management

Consolidate information and data in the most appropriate format so that government bodies can work better together and resolve individual cases faster in their day-to-day work.

Social Content Management

Allow employees, as well as the public to share content through a wide variety of interfaces since effectively sharing media is crucial given the number agencies that need to cooperate together.

Manage Fraud & Investigation

Streamline operations, as well as improve collaboration and openness to reduce errors and fraudulent behavior since in complex organizations fraud and error can be a huge problem.

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